At Skillability Soccer Training Academy we offer professional soccer training services for youth soccer players of all ages and skill levels. Our highly experienced and qualified coaching team work hard to ensure each program is fun, high energy and helps players develop skills to their maximum potential.

The outdoor soccer training programs we run take place from March thru November. We then move indoors and offer a variety of different Futsal Programs.

Our soccer programs include clinics, camps, team training programs and Game Day Analysis.


Winter futsal teams, futsal small group training, and other futsal information can found here. 

Game Day Analysis & Evaluation

We will come a watch a game and provide a written evaluation based on the 4 pillars of the game. Technical, Tactical, Physical and Physiological. 

Team Training

If you want to give your soccer team an advantage then our team training programs are the perfect option. By working with Skillability Soccer Training you give your players the chance to develop individually and collectively as a group under the guidance of our professional instructors. Our team training instructors hold USSF Licenses and have all played either collegiate or professional level soccer.


We offer a range of different training camps to keep players active and help develop their skills whenever children are not in school. Most of our camps run for a week, Monday thru Friday in the morning time. We also offer a variety of shorter 1 to 3 days camps during shorter school breaks.

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Small Group Training

Small group training sessions of 5 or more players will include elite technical training instruction from our SST Trainers and will combine a focus on individual skill and technique work with partner and multi-player situational progressions. In addition to individual footwork drills, group training will include 1v1 skill domination progressive first touch & receiving drills, Shooting & Finishing and game situation drills.


There are 2 ways to get involved in small group training with SST. We offer private groups which are perfect if you have a team or a group of players that want to train together. The first way is to create your own private small group with player’s you or your child already know like their current teammates, schoolmates or best friends. This way the players are familiar with each other and their skill level and ability match up.


This produces the best training environment for the group to really excell.  If you want to go this route for your player please fill out the small group training inquiry form below and coach Thuto will contact you soon to discuss the options for your private small group training!


The 2nd way is to register online for our open group training sessions per typically held in the winter and summer seasons. Our open groups are catered to those individual players who want to train with other like minded players with similar to ranging abilities and age groups. 


For these groups players register individually and we will create groups based on age, level and playing experience. To register for these small group training sessions click on the season your are looking to register for under the main Menu. 


In both groups we create a fun and challenging environment where players receive personalized instruction in our elite technical sessions that helps them improve and get results!

Team Training

Our team training services really are for all teams. We have an amazing amount of experience working with players of all ages and skill levels so we can tailor our training sessions to be exactly what your team needs. Regardless of whether you are a new U8 rec team of the best U18 comp team around, our training services will have a major impact on your team.

What We Offer

  • High Level Coaches - All instructors are fully qualified through USSF, NSCAA or other recognized licenses. Coaches also have experience playing/coaching within a professional club environment.

  • Tailored Training Plan - A training plan will be created to focus on the specific needs of your team.

  • Affordable Pricing - We understand playing any sport is expensive so we keep our training prices as low as possible, with reduced pricing for longer term commitment.

  • Hassle Free - We come to you! We will figure out days, times and the location that works best for your team and bring our training to you.

  • Training For All - It doesn't matter if you are a first year recreational team or the best competitive team in the area. Our training is designed for all players and teams regardless of age or skill level.


Week Long Camp - one of the best ways to impact your team in a short space of time is by running a week long intensive training camps. Camps are typically Monday - Friday for 3 hours each day. We work with the team coach to develop a training plan that will be most beneficial for your team.


For younger teams we spend a large portion of the time improving individual foot skills, technical ability and small group concepts. With the older teams we would focus more on larger tactical concepts and more complex individual skills. 


Week long team camps are not only great for developing individual skills and tactical knowledge but also a great team building event. We only have limited availability for these camps so if you are interested in hosting a camp be sure to contact us sooner rather than later.

For more information please email our Director -


We offer a range of different training camps to keep players active and help develop their skills whenever children are not in school. Most of our camps run for a week, Monday thru Friday in the morning time. We also offer a variety of shorter 1 to 3 days camps during shorter school breaks.

Game Day Analysis & Evaluation

We will come a watch a game and provide a written evaluation based on the 4 pillars of the game. Technical, Tactical, Physical and Physiological. 

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Skillability Shooting & Finishing Camp

Become more successful in and around the penalty area with our shooting and finishing program. Each sessions tests participants in a variety of different goal scoring situations and helps develop correct finishing technique.

Our Shooting and Finishing program is a unique training program which focuses on one of the most exciting and important aspects in the game of soccer - SCORING GOALS!

This training program will focus on all the key skills required to be a top goal scorer and will help players improve their finishing ability in all different situations.


Our shooting & finishing program is not just for strikers but for all players who want to improve their goal scoring ability. Each session players will spend time focusing on different aspects of shooting and finishing, with players being constantly challenged in a variety of situations in and around the penalty area.


If you are serious about improving your goal scoring ability and want to hit the target more this season then register today for the ultimate training program for all top strikers!

Skillability Soccer Training - Shooting & Finishing Camp takes places in the Summer. Check back for more details.

High School Summer Dead Period Workouts

Our HS Dead Period workouts are for incoming freshmen and sophomores looking to get an edge at tryouts. These workouts are intended for players to get used to the type of conditioning required in high school soccer and will be high in intensity. Focus will be on soccer specific speed & agility, strength & conditioning, coordination & balance as well technical and tactical skills.  

Summer Dead Period


Incoming Freshmen & Sophomores 

Pope Lick Park 

4002 S. Pope Lick Rd 

$25 per day or $75 for the week

Small Group Training

-Sept 7th - Oct 26th 

-1 hour Technical Training Sessions once a week 

-Elite Technical training sessions capped to 12 players 

-Personalized Instruction in a small group environment

-All sessions at Pope Lick Park 

-Monthly Commitment required.

Based off 2018-19 age groups


2011-2010 Boys & Girls( will separate if numbers allow)

Friday nights 5:30pm-6:30pm

(Sept 7, 14, 21, 28,) ( Oct 5, 12, 19, 26)


2009-2008 Boys & Girls( will separate if numbers allow)

Friday nights 5:30pm-6:30pm

(Sept 7, 14, 21, 28,) ( Oct 5, 12, 19, 26)


2007-2006 Boys & Girls( will separate if numbers allow)

Friday nights 6:30pm-7:30pm

(Sept 7, 14, 21, 28,) ( Oct 5, 12, 19, 26)


2005-2004 Boys & Girls( will separate if numbers allow)

Friday nights 6:30pm-7:30pm

(Sept 7, 14, 21, 28,) ( Oct 5, 12, 19, 26)


Topics covered in training: Shooting & Finishing, 1v1 skill moves, dribbling & footwork, passing & receiving, speed agility & quickness, balance & coordination, spatial awareness, creating space, movement off the ball, plus lots more! 

Trap Team Training

Are you an 8th grader without a team this Fall? or a freshmen that didn't make the team? Or a freshman wanting more practice? Trap Team Training is the option for you. We offer supplemental training for 8th & 9th grade players to keep them sharp, fit and in shape for the Fall season. Training will cover topics related to the four pillars of the game. Technical, Tactical, Physical and Mental. Stay in shape this Fall with Trap Team Training. 

Sept 8th - Oct 27

- 2 hour intensive training sessions once a week

-High level experienced qualified coaching staff 

-Scrimmages against local trap teams

-All sessions at Pope Lick Park  

- $250 per player

8th-9th Grades Players Boys & Girls

( will separate if numbers allow)

Sunday nights 5:00pm-7:00pm

(Sept 9, 16, 23, 30,) ( Oct 7, 14, 21, 28)


Game Day Analysis & Evaluation

Have you ever wanted feedback after a game? Do you ever wonder what level your son/daughter is playing at? Or where they rank on the team? What their strengths and weakness are in games? What they need to work on to improve their game? We can answer these questions and more with our game/match day analysis and evaluation program. 


The game analysis of a players performance is an extremely important part of a players development and yet the most overlooked when it comes to their development. It is because during games, coaches focus on the team and it is difficult to focus on one player. Even the post match feedback is mostly about the team performance so players are missing out on a major opportunity. This is where we come in and give your player that much needed attention and post game feedback on their overall performance. 


  • Parent / Player will contact us to come and watch their son/daughter play

  •  Coach and Parent will find a game the suits both player and Coach 


  • Coach will watch and analyze the full game and provide an evaluation sheet

  • Coach will meet with player and parents after the game for feedback. If unable to do to so after game other arrangements will be made. 

  • From the second time onwards a parent / player wants a game analysis, a comparison will also be given on the individual player on all previous analyses, to look at their progress.

  • Individual strengths and weaknesses will be identified and worked on at training as well as polishing the strengths of each player.

Player Game Day Analysis & Evaluation Cost:

U9-U10 $50

U11-U12 $60

U13-U14 $65

U15-U19 $75

Team Game Day Analysis & Evaluation

Coaches, not sure if you are:

  • Playing the right defensive formation that suits your players best (ie: flat back four, sweeper / stopper, three backs, zonal / man marking, etc.);

  • Playing your players in the positions where their strengths can shine and help the team win (ie: very technical players playing the middle, faster kids on the outside or in the back, bigger kids in the back or as a target player up top, goalie, etc.);

  • Playing a particular style of soccer that is not conducive to your players (ie: attacking through the center links with possession, getting the ball wide early, long direct balls from the backs over the top, play to feet or space, etc.);

  • Making the right substitutions and at the right times (ie: clock and game time management with your stronger / weaker players, who’s tired, rotating players positions or substituting, etc.)?

Thuto Nhlekisana or one of the Skillability Soccer Training staff members can help with some of these questions as well as any others that you may have. We will provide a full written game analysis breaking down your teams warm-up, individual and team strengths / weaknesses, technical and tactical areas / decision making and your teams final cool-down.



  • U10 and below…$50/game*.

  • U11and U12…$60/game*.

  • U13 and U14…$70/game*.

  • U15 and above (including High School)…$80/game*.

*Depending on location mileage & travel expenses may apply.


For further information, please contact Thuto Nhlekisana at


​Futsal is rapidly becoming a household name in soccer communities throughout the U.S. Soccer enthusiasts are quickly learning the advantages of futsal and recognizing the potential this game has in creating exceptional soccer players.


Futsal is fast, requires quick decisions, and decisive and deliberate movements. The pace and skills required to participate in this game are not duplicated in any other version of soccer. Therefore, players that continuously participate in futsal programs will develop a far superior skill set than that of their competitor.

Although the game of Futsal is played in over 100 countries by more than 10 million participants, there still seems to be a number of people that are unclear as to what exactly Futsal is. In order to help answer these questions we have created the sections below.

What is Futsal? 

Futsal is a version of indoor soccer that is played on a basketball style court. In futsal teams play 5 v 5 with 1 goalkeeper and 4 field players that interchange positions. The game is played with a special ball that is heavier and has less bounce than a regular soccer ball. These factors mean that players touch the ball far more than during outdoor or indoor arena soccer games. Futsal develops better foot skills and ball control. The court that the game is played on has no walls to assist players, instead they must use their skills and are punished for improper technique and errant passes.


Where did it originate? 

Futsal originated in Uruguay and was quickly adopted throughout South America. It is now played all over the world and is growing rapidly in the United States.

Why is it so great? 

Futsal is the ultimate game for helping players to develop skillful and creative tactics, footskills, and ball control. Futsal is a fast-paced and exciting game that creates players that think quickly on the field and perform well under the pressure of a fast moving game. With on the field teams no larger than 5 vs 5, players are constantly involved in the action and touching the ball.

What is the difference between Futsal and indoor soccer?

 Well, Futsal actually is indoor soccer! In the U.S., people are more familiar with a strange version of indoor soccer that is played on a soccer field surrounded by walls. Outdoor soccer fields don’t have walls, so why would you spend half the year learning how to play soccer with them?!?!

Would Arena indoor soccer or Futsal indoor soccer be better to help my child develop their soccer skills? 

There really is no comparison and the difference is clear to us and to any players that have experience playing futsal. But if you still have doubts, have a look at the facts below;

Futsal Fact #1 - All of the world's greatest players grew up playing futsal and recognize the game of futsal as a major reason why they have such amazing footskills and the ability to think quickly in the pressure of a game. Pele, Maradona, Messi, Kaka, Xavi, Ronaldo, Robinho, Ronaldinho, Fabregas, are just some of the players that grew up playing futsal.

Futsal Fact #2 - All of the top clubs in the world (Barcelona, Real Madrid, Chelsea, Manchester United...want me to continue) have their youth players playing futsal! In fact in Brazil most junior players don't play outdoor soccer until around age 13, instead the play futsal! 

Futsal Fact #3 - In a recent study it was observed that during games, Futsal players touch the ball 210% more than players playing traditional US indoor arena soccer.

Futsal Fact #4 - Ball Control - with limited space, boundary restrictions, and constant opponent pressure, futsal demands superior ball control, fast footwork and precise passing.

Futsal Fact #5 - With no wall to help them out, players must move and support each other just like in outdoor soccer. This develops more tactically aware players, whose skills can be transferred to the outdoor game. With the absence of these walls players must also perform skills properly and accurately with poor technique and inaccurate passes being punished.

Who Plays Futsal? 

Futsal originated in South America and was for a long time considered the South American secret behind why so many gifted players come out of this continent. Today Futsal is played all over the Globe by more than 10 million people in over 100 countries.

When does the Futsal season start and end? - Well most people think that Futsal is a winter sport. This is a big mistake! Our Futsal programs run year round and those players that play futsal consistently throughout the year will become far more skillful and creative soccer players than if they only played the game seasonally.

So what's the deal with those Brazilians and Futsal?

 Well, Brazil in particular is one country that embraces the game of Futsal and participants play the game year round. It is reported that in Brazil more youth players play Futsal than actual outdoor soccer....That's right, the nation that is recognized as having the most skillful and exciting soccer players also has a huge percentage of youth players taking part in Futsal!


Who supports the game of Futsal?

 All of the major governing bodies of outdoor soccer around the world recognize Futsal as the official version of indoor soccer and FIFA (the world governing body of soccer) recognizes the game as the only version of indoor soccer that it sanctions! In England the English FA has just launched a huge initiative to get more youth players participating in the game due to the obvious benefits the game offers.

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