Skillability Cubs Program
U6-U8 Academy Small Group Training

Our U6-U8 Academy program, also referred to as our “cubs” allows younger children to enjoy a fun introduction to soccer with minimal time commitment.

Our Cubs program is a great environment for fun and learning basic soccer skills . It is a good program for players who have some experience and are looking for more than what your typical rec programs provide. Here we teach proper soccer skills while having fun!

  • All of our are coaches are certified professional soccer trainers.
  • No tryouts are necessary to join but spots are limited to only 12 players MAX.
  • All of our small groups are coed unless numbers allow to split up.
  • Practices are held once weekly on Saturday mornings from 10am & 11am ( Subject to change)

Expert coaching and proven methods to start your child’s soccer journey the right way.

Developing sound fundamentals and a passion for the game.
SST’s U6-U8 Cubs Program takes a new approach to introducing youth in Louisville and surrounding areas to the game of soccer!

By employing our staff of expert, licensed coaches to lead all practices and games we provide affordable access to elite coaching to start your child’s soccer experience the right way. Our coaches use proven methods in child development such as guided discovery to help players learn and retain skills in a fun and engaging environment.

Using an Academy Training Model for all practices and games allows us to focus on teaching fundamental skills and our Academy core values in an environment where this is the focus rather than wins and losses. Additionally, players can progress at their own pace, and our coaches are able to give each child the attention he or she needs in an environment that provides opportunities for both success (confidence building) and failure (learning opportunities). The Academy Training Model is also the preferred method for player development at this age group according to the United States Soccer Federation’s 2016 Player Development Initiatives. 

What is an Academy Training Model?

An Academy Training Model pools all players in a specific age group together for practices and games rather than splitting the players into arbitrary teams.

Under the direction of a lead coach, the players are grouped by ability level in low player-to-coach ratios (8:1) for practices and games so that all players can progress at their own speed while experiencing both success and failure, which are key components to keeping a child learning, engaged, and having FUN! These practice and game groups are flexible meaning that a player who is beginning to excel within his/her initial group has the ability to move to a more challenging group to continue the developmental trajectory.

Why Academy Training is right for your child?

Better Learning Environment
Expert coaching from SST’s staff
Lots of individual coaching attention (8:1 player-to-coach ratio)
Focus on development, not wins & losses
Ability to provide success (confidence) and failure (learning) to all players


Always have enough players for practice & games

Every player is always being challenged to learn & have fun

FOR PARENTS: Easier scheduling! Same practice and game times each week! No canceled practices or games as we train indoors


Spring 2024 Registration Details

8-week Spring Session 2024 | $250

Saturdays: March 30, April 13, 20, 27, May 11, 18, 25, June 1
Saturdays 9AM-10AM: 2014-2015 birthdate
Saturdays 10AM-11AM: 2017-2016 birthdate 

Skillability Soccer Training
450 Commercial Dr., Suite 105
Louisville, KY 40223