Skillability and STRIVE Partner to Maximize Mental Health, Confidence, and Performance

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February 28, 2024

Skillability and STRIVE Partner to Maximize Mental Health, Confidence, and Performance

Skillability has signed an official partnership with STRIVE, a youth-centered sports and performance psychology team based here in Louisville. STRIVE’s team is a welcome addition to the SST community. The partnership embraces the “Lion Mentality” model Skillability has woven into its mission and coaching styles and elevates it. Their focus on strengthening mentality, psyche, confidence, concentration, and the challenges of competition is a welcome addition to our effort to build successful and resilient athletes.


Each month, all players in private trainings (1:1, 2:1, and 3:1 formats) will receive personalized group sessions with STRIVE’s sports psychologists, who will speak on key topics, talk to players, answer questions, coach through scenarios, and more. The STRIVE team are experts at teaching young athletes to navigate the multifaceted aspects of life in sports…including how to talk to coaches at tryouts, how to stand out, how to be a leader on the field, managing pre-game jitters, coping with mistakes, and other key skills.


In the true spirit of the Skillability community, this partnership came to fruition thanks to a former player’s parent. Dr. Felicia Smith is one of the co-founders of STRIVE and a clinical psychologist, with expertise in helping young athletes reach peak performance using sports performance techniques.


We are truly excited to welcome STRIVE, and to see our players grow and improve!


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