Private Soccer Training

Who We Train

Our training program stands firm behind our philosophy and we have a very specific training system that gives each player their own personalized training experience.

Since 2010, we have trained players from every level imaginable. At our Academy, we welcome ANY player to our program who is serious about self-improvement. We care about helping players from any organization/club team/high school in Louisville and the surrounding areas.

We offer 3 training programs (see below) for players that are between the ages of 8-18 years old. Each player will first be evaluated in our “30 minute evaluation session” before enrolling into our program. If you are ready to train with coach Thuto, schedule your 10-15 minute phone consultation here.

  1. 1on1 Training Program (1 Player, 1 Coach) *3 Month Minimum Commitment Required
  2. 2on1 Training Program (2 Players, 1 Coach) *3 Month Minimum Commitment Required
  3. 3on1 Training Program (3 Players, 1 Coach) *3 Month Minimum Commitment Required

The Skillability Difference

Technical Excellence Pathway

  1. Dribbling & Ball Mastery Foot work
  2. Passing & Ball Striking
  3. Advanced Passing & Receiving and Shooting & finishing
  4. Position Specific Techniques

Technical Excellence Pathway

Tier System

What is the Tier System?

  • It is a tier structure that refers to the different development stages of our athletes in our private training academy system .
  • It is our progressive training methodology in our technical excellence pathway
  • It aligns our trainings to our players individual developmental stage
  • There are 3 levels within each tier

SST Tier System

Individual Development Plan

  • Each player has a personalized IDP with all their information
  • Every session is planned ahead of time and approved by the directors before training. 
  • Each session is also then assessed and reviewed by the directors after the session. 

No matter which coach is training, you can expect them to be on the same page every time for the sake of the players development. 

This is something we take very seriously at SST! No random drills! More than just training

  • New Player interviews to identify strengths, weaknesses & goals
  • Player evaluations throughout training
  • Personalized Homework 
  • Every session tracked with IDP’s and player profiles

Where We Train

Our state of the art indoor facility in Middletown. 

  1. Skillability Soccer Training Facility, 450 Commercial Dr Suite 105, Louisville KY 40223

Ready To Train?

Congratulations! You have taken the first step towards beginning private training with SST

To continue, please fill out the information below with specific contact details and a detailed message about your inquiries/requests. After that you will be taken to a page where you can book your 15-30 phone consultation with coach Thuto.