Why Players Should set Goals?

Goal setting is one of the most important skills we teach to our players in our private training academy. It is also the most commonly overlooked skills in youth sports. Coaches don’t have the time to teach players how set to goals instead the precious time they do have with the team is spent on coaching the technique & tactics, teamwork, & sportsmanship which is all good and dandy.

We believe players should set goals partly because most players play soccer without a purpose. They play because that’s what they’ve always done and because they enjoy the game. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that but If your intentions are to be the best you can be, you need purpose, you need a reason to practice, a reason to give your best effort every time and something to look forward too.

This is why our players set goals, it gives them long term vision and short term motivation. All top athletes and soccer players set goals and your son or daughter should be setting goals. There’s no better feeling than setting goals, achieving them, and watching your self-confidence rise to new levels. These are some of the things our players experience every month in our program. We’d to love to help your player achieve results like this. Send us a message thru our website. We’d love to chat with you over the phone to get the ball rolling for you in our private training program.