Philosophy & Methodology


Technical, Tactical, Physical and Psychological.

Skillability Soccer Training’s philosophy is based around the 4 pillars of the game. Technical, Tactical, Physical and Psychological. Our goal is to help develop well rounded & highly effective players by bridging the gap between team practices and individual training. 

We do this by focusing on all 4 pillars at the same time and not isolated or separate from each other. The primary focus of each session is to help our players improve their technical and physical abilities and challenge them to better understand the tactical and mental aspects of the game.

We accomplish this by using developmentally appropriate (age and skill level) training methods and proven techniques. 

Our unique and proven model developed and created by Thuto Nhlekisana from over 15 years of experience working with hundreds of players of varying ages, and abilities from beginners, recreational players to competitive club and professional players, has been proven to develop players technical ability to the next level.

The Skillability Soccer Training (SST) Way

Ball Mastery– Mastery of the basic fundamental skills. The foundation to technical excellence

  • 1v1 skills/Domination
  • Dribbling & Ball control 
  • First touch passing & receiving
  • Ball striking shooting & finishing

Positional Training – Position specific training for tactical understanding to improve soccer iq

  • Decision making
  • Position specific skills
  • Body shape & positioning
  • Vision & Awareness

Speed Agility & Quickness – Balance, coordination and the ability to control the body

  • Running with/out the ball
  • Turning with/out the ball
  • Change of direction
  • Explosive and dynamic movements

Lion Mentality – The mindset of the person and player skills for life.

  • Competitiveness
  • Self confidence
  • Goal setting
  • Accountability


The training methodology is the means by which we coach and teach our players and how we impart knowledge into them. We use a 2-part methodology that is 

Coach directed – Player centered – for a balanced approach

1. Simple to Complex ( progressive training) (Coaching)
2. Basic Model of Learning ( Coach Actions) ( Teaching)

1. Simple to Complex – The activities should be designed in such a way that simpler concepts or skills are presented first before more complex ones.

2. Basic Model Of learning- These are the coach actions

  1. Demonstration
  2. Guided Discovery 
  3. Positive Reinforcement 
  4. Feedback


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Train with Skillability

Hone Skills with Private Soccer Training

Join a Skillability soccer training program to unlock self-confident, accountable, and competitiveness, and a leadership mentality. Discover the winning edge that will set players apart and propel players towards their soccer goals. It’s time to step up, lead, and dominate the game with confidence!

The Lion Mentality

At Skillability, we teach skills beyond soccer. We work on developing a self-confident, accountable, and competitive leadership mentality. Our goal is to empower athletes to become exceptional leaders both on and off the field.


Unlock Potential

In soccer, self-confidence is key to unlocking your full potential. We provide specialized training programs that not only improve your technical abilities but also boost your self-assurance. Our coaches and mentors are dedicated to instilling belief in your abilities, helping you overcome challenges, and developing a strong sense of self-confidence that will propel you to new heights.


Take Responsibility

Great leaders take responsibility for their actions and understand the impact they have on a team. Skillability emphasizes accountability. Through our carefully designed training sessions, we encourage players to take ownership of their development, pushing themselves to consistently improve and contributing positively to the team dynamic.


Challenge Limits

Soccer is a highly competitive sport, and developing a competitive mindset is crucial for success. Our training programs go beyond technical skills to foster a strong competitive spirit. We create an environment that challenges you to push your limits, teaching you how to thrive under pressure, persevere through adversity, and maintain a winning mentality both on and off the field.

skillability soccer training lion mentality

Learn the Lion Mentality

Become a Leader On & Off the Field

True leaders inspire and motivate those around them. We believe that every player has the potential to become a leader. Our soccer training website offers leadership development programs designed to cultivate essential leadership qualities such as communication, teamwork, decision-making, and problem-solving. By nurturing these skills, we aim to empower you to become a role model both within your team and in your community.