The Lion Mentality Program Mindability

What is the Lion Mentality Program?
The Mindability – Lion Mentality Program is an 8 week group coaching program designed to help players with their overall confidence and positive thinking mindset. It is a mental toughness program to help players succeed on and off the field.

Who is for?

  • Competitive players between the ages of 8-18
  • Anyone struggling with confidence on & off the field
  • Those who want the mental edge

What we Teach?

Some of the topics we cover

  • Improving Self-Confidence
  • Time Management Skills
  • Setting Goals
  • Deep Understanding of Self Development
  • Accountability
  • Competitiveness
  • Leadership Qualities
    Overcoming Adversity
  • How to Tips – how to stand out at tryouts, how to impress your coach etc..

What Is Zoom?

  • Zoom is a video conferencing software
  • Our live sessions are held on Zoom
  • Zoom is an App you can use on your phone / tablet or computer
  • Zoom gives us the opportunity to see you via video (like facetime)
  • Zoom allows for us to give you instant feedback live

What do you get?

  • 8 Weekly coaching calls (30 minutes)
  • Homework and accountability
  • 1on1 access to coach Thuto on Voxer
  • Mindability Game Evaluation Form
  • Access to all recorded sessions

What is the cost of the program?

The cost for the program is simply $125 for 4 sessions for the month. An affordable option with great value. How to register? Simply click the button below

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