College Soccer Prep

Next Level Training

Calling all incoming freshmen and college players! Congratulations on making it to the collegiate level of your soccer career!

The next level is exactly that!…. the next level! We know from experience having worked with tons of college and pro players over there years that most incoming freshmen are not ready for that next level.

What lies ahead is going to be very difficult and it is key that you are prepared for your first season. How you perform and respond to adversity in your first season, will determine your career trajectory, so do not take it lightly. Just because you have achieved so much so far, does not mean anything to your future college coaches and teammates. Don’t be complacent!

College soccer is a no joke. You can expect a grueling pre-season with up to four to five practices a week with two-a-day practices, captains practices, elite levels of conditioning, intense fitness workouts, fast pace speed of play, highly technically skilled better players, demanding school and team schedules and lots more!

Some of the college soccer fitness tests

  • 4-mile run (Mile 1 in 7min30secs, Mile 2 in 6mins, Mile 3 in 7mins & Mile 4 in 6mins).
  • The Cooper test, which is a 2-mile run completed in under 12 minutes.
  • Beep Test

Have no fear SST is here to help so prepare to dominate your first college season and be the leader of the freshmen class! SST will get you in shape and expose you to some of the fitness training you will experience in college and get your ready to make a great first impression on your team and coaches! Not just for freshmen but any college players wanting to stay in shape and train with other top level players including professional players from time to time, Skillability’s Next Level Training has you covered! Join the best here at SST!


  • 6 week Pre-Season Training
  • Group training 5-9 players per group
  • Training 2 times a week (Tues/Thurs)
  • 90 minute sessions 1pm-3pm
  • June 13th- July 27th ( no training 4th of July week)
  • Concentration:
    • Ball Work
    • Dribbling
    • Passing
    • Shooting & Finishing
    • Fitness


All of our coaches are former college players D1-NAIA levels. They will guide and lead you with their experience and get you prepared for the next level

If you are ready to take your game to the next level! Click the link and we’ll see you on the inside!