3 Sports Movies That Inspire Us

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May 1, 2024

We all know soccer is about more than goals and impressive footwork. It’s a sport. A game, yes, but like so many of the sports we play or admire, it’s a game that can raise our spirits, break our hearts, and change our lives with opportunities.


The best sports movies capture the essence of grit, teamwork, and triumph we all recognize. Whether it’s adrenaline-pumping action sequences or a heartwarming underdog story, the best sports films can leave a lasting impact, motivating viewers to push beyond their limits. For this blog, we’ve picked three of our favorite “non-soccer” sports movies, which still drive home the same brand of message we aim to evoke with the Skillability mission


# 1. “Rocky” (1976)


“Yo, Adrian!”* The iconic phrase echoes through the decades, symbolizing the indomitable spirit of Sly Stallone’s Rocky Balboa. Set in the rough streets of Philadelphia, the film follows the

journey of Rocky, a small-time boxer given the chance to fight heavyweight champion Apollo Creed.

Why do we like “Rocky”? 

For many of the same reasons the movie has kept audiences coming back for over 40 years. “Rocky” is a raw portrayal of perseverance in the (admittedly bruised) face of adversity. Rocky’s relentless determination to prove himself is about heart, not just skill. It’s about getting up each day and doing the work, trusting you’ll see improvement because you’re making the small changes that add up. Rocky has the Lion Mentality


(And we admit, those training montages are pop-culture history for good reason…they’ve motivated us to push through more than one conditioning session!)


# 2. “Remember the Titans” (2000)


Based on the true story of the integration of a high school football team in Alexandria, Virginia,

“Remember the Titans” tackles issues of race, unity, and leadership with poignant sincerity. The film follows Coach Herman Boone as he leads a divided team to championship glory amidst the backdrop of the civil rights movement.


Why do we like “Remember the Titans”?

Now here’s a movie that drives home the power of teamwork, and the importance of resilience in the face of adversity…all while making us laugh one second and get a little misty-eyed the next. Feels a lot like life, actually. It also packs in themes of acceptance, respect, and friendship, while tackling hard truths. One of the reasons we like to recommend this movie to our players is the fact we can tell them it’s a true story, and these players were high schoolers…young guys ages 15-18. These aren’t unreachable characters. They’re relatable, and the uplifting message of unity and brotherhood is a great reminder: When individuals come together, they can achieve greatness.

#3. “Miracle” (2004)


In the realm of sports movies, few stories rival the Miracle on Ice – the improbable victory of the United States hockey team (all amateurs, no pros were allowed back then!) over the heavily favored Soviet Union at the 1980 Winter Olympics. “Miracle” chronicles the journey of a team of mostly college-aged players, many of whom had played against each other as rivals. With gripping intensity, the movie follows the unwavering focus of Coach Herb Brooks as he figures out how to make a group of great athletes into an even better team.

Why do we like “Miracle”?

I mean…”USA! USA! USA!”. 


“Miracle” captures the essence of sportsmanship and sacrifice, showcasing the grit and

determination required to achieve the impossible. One of our favorite scenes is when Coach Brooks keeps the players skating drills, after repeatedly asking them throughout the training camp “Who do you play for!?” It’s an epiphany moment for the group when their captain, Mike Eruzione, gives the answer Coach has been waiting for…if you ask us, it’s one of the greatest team moments in sports cinema! The team’s climactic victory against the Soviet juggernaut leaves audiences inspired to conquer their own giants with unwavering resolve.


As athletes and coaches, we feel like these movies transcend the confines of the screen, giving us the gut-punch (not a Rocky pun, we swear) that reminds us of the beauty in teamwork, the power in determination, and the absolute potential we all have within.


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