10 Tips for How to Stand Out at Soccer Tryouts

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May 30, 2024

It’s back again…soccer tryouts season! We know feeling tested and analyzed can be a nerve-wracking experience for players of any age, but for us at Skillability, tryouts are also a fantastic opportunity for our players to showcase their skills and secure a spot on the team. In the spirit of the season, we’re here with some tips for soccer tryouts that all players can use to stand out before (and during) your sessions to make a lasting impression on the coaches.


How to Prepare for Soccer Tryouts

Remember, it’s not all about the physical. It’s true coaches need skilled, talented players. They also need athletes with strong character, leadership skills, and the kind of temperament that will bring a team together and inspire other players. Consider your (or your player’s) natural strengths. Quiet and reserved personality? Be the one who hustles and jogs to every drill and lineup. More of a vocal leader? Remind them it’s not all about them…a confident player cheers on and encourages other potential team members — even older ones, and even in tryouts. 


Before Tryouts

  1. Be Prepared Make sure you’re in the best possible state during tryouts by getting enough sleep the night before and by eating well. Here’s a solid snack recipe to give you great fuel.  


  1. Arrive Early – Arrive 20-30 minutes before tryouts start. Coaches will remember you. Breathe, and familiarize yourself with the facilities. Stretch and warm up.  


  1. Introduce yourself to the coaches Make a good first impression at tryouts! Smile, offer a firm handshake. Look coaches in the eyes — it shows confidence! Try to say, “Yes” instead of “Yeah”, and it doesn’t hurt to offer respect with a “Yes, sir,” or “Yes, ma’am” as you smile. 


  1. Look the part Make sure you wear proper equipment and gear, be clean & fresh.

No need for bright colors or flashy cleats. 


  1. Hydrate Make sure you drink enough water during the day, and bring water with you. 


During Tryouts

  1. Be Coachable What do coaches want a soccer player to do at tryouts? Listen and respond. It’s all about how well you follow instructions, tune in to the coaches and your attitude. Sometimes a less skilled and more coachable player will make the team over a more gifted player who is less coachable, because your energy matters.


  1. Showcase your strengths – Everyone has their own strengths whether it’s your skill, athleticism, or physical strength. Try to show it when it matters! If you’re good at shooting, try to shoot a lot. Impressive ball control? Own it and find opportunities to use your skills. That said, don’t forget to pass, and show you understand team strategy.


  1. Be competitive – Now is the time. Make everything a competition. Compete against your teammates, the other team, and more importantly: Compete against yourself. Show your willingness to win in everything they ask you to do. But…maintain self-control. Don’t be reckless with tackles and desperate dribbling, which only ends up with the team losing the ball. What’s one of our favorite mottos here at SST? Play simple but make things happen!


  1. Work Hard If you’re going to tryouts you should work hard and show it on the pitch. Leave it all on the field. Treat it like a game and not practice. Play with intensity.


  1. Have Fun – Enjoy the process and do your best! Don’t stress too much…relax and enjoy it. At the end of it all you are still playing soccer, the game you love!


Bonus Tip! 


  1. Ask for Feedback Trust us! There is nothing wrong with asking questions after tryouts. It’s impressive. Thank the coaches, and don’t be afraid to ask…

Coach, thanks for this opportunity. What would you like to see me work on?”


 “Thanks, Coach, how do you feel about my performance today?”

Asking for feedback shows coachability and can better help you prepare for the next tryout, or the season!


Why should you prepare for tryouts?

Standing out at soccer tryouts involves a combination of skill, mindset, and attitude. By preparing beforehand, you’ll make a good first impression, showcase your strengths, be coachable, demonstrate a strong work ethic, and maintain a positive attitude…that’s how you impress a soccer coach. Remember, tryouts are not just about showing what you can do individually, but also how you can contribute to the team’s success. 


Good luck to everyone trying out this year and let us know how it goes. Remember, YOU got this!

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